Monday, October 4, 2010

Crème de la crème: SEPTEMBER 2010

20 (N) - BOUNCE - Severino Horse Meat Disco - a month without a decent italo disco track is a month wasted...

19 (N) - IT TAKES A MUSCLE - M.I.A. - fingers crossed we'll get to see a video for Miss Arulpragasam's new single soon

18 (N) - INDIGO - Azari & III

17 (N) - SUPERSTAR - Aeroplane - still can't get over this phenomenal video...

16 (N) - SUPER MONKEY - Hannulelauri - tribal house made in Helsinki, here's their MYSPACE

15 (N) - ADIR ADIRIM - Balkan Beat Box Feat. Vanessa Hanna - all the way from Israel a piece of top notch music for all the global sounds' lovers

14 (N) - BYE BYE BAYOU - LCD Soundsystem

13 (N) - HEBU - Mim Suleiman - Mama Africa of modern era, Mim Suleiman graces my chart for the third month in a row, it really is a very very special album... This month I have been particularly hooked by "HEBU" which the artiste was very kind to explain to me in her lovely FB message: "It is a song that we grew up with. We used to sing it to todler...well when the are trying to let go and stand without holding on to anything. Everybody around sings "kasimama dede" to encourage their will...they feel soooooo good!! kASIMA DEDE DEDE DEDE DE. Watch them dance within seconds. they love it!!! it was sang to me and i love never forget it."

12 (N) - TWO OF HEARTS - Annie

11 (N) - BEAM ME UP - Midnight Magic

10 (3) - THE DRUG - Röyksopp

09 (N) - SPRAWL II - Arcade Fire - who would have thought...

08 (N) - COME COME - Hot As Sun - one to be watched carefully in the upcoming months, very promising debut single from this LA lo-fi cosmic collaboration, absolutely beautiful!

07 (N) - YOU WON'T DIE - Wet Look - still wasn't brave enough to post this video on my blog, very very borderline ;-) Here's the link instead

06 (1) - DANCE OR DIE - Janelle Monáe

05 (2) - HANG WITH ME - Robyn


03 (N) - LOVE KILLS - Robyn - outstanding tune on her second of "the body talking triptych", highly addictive

02 (20) - INTIMATE (GLASS CANDY REMIXXX) - Appaloosa - French do IT better

01 (N) - COCAINE BLUES - Escort - my brand new anthem, on a constant spin on my i-choons these days, big phat slice of funky disco