Monday, August 2, 2010

Crème de la crème: JULY 2010

20 (N) - TIGHTROPE - Janelle Monáe Feat. Big Boi - super catchy and contagious, check it out HERE

19 (10) - WEAK + END - Candy Bear Stupid!

18 (3) - HOLD UP YOUR HAND - The Crookers Feat. Róisín Murphy

17 (N) - I WANT TO SHOUT OUT (JULIEN DYNE REMIX) - Dj Vadim Feat. Sabira Jade - nu jazz delicacy rereleased with a bunch of fresh remixes out now

16 (N) - SUFFOCATION - Crystal Castles - this summer festivals' essential band and another stomper from their second LP

15 (2) - NEW FATE - Pink Stallone

14 (N) - LA MUSICA - Munk

13 (N) - WHY YOUR LOVE (HARD TON REMIX) - Stefano E Bene Feat. Hard Ton - who would have thought that Italo Disco would be so "in vogue" and so underground in 2010... Mi piace un sacco

12 (N) - DANCER (CFCF REMIX) - Woodhounds

11 (4) - ALL THE LOVERS - Kylie Minogue

10 (N) - SALTY AIR - J.Viewz Feat. Noa Lembersky - apart from anything released by Washed Out, Nite Jewel's I WANT YOU BACK and track number 12 on this chart, this is one of the most impressive achievements among the glo-fi sounds, the ultra-cool sounds of 2day

09 (N) - WHEN I GROW UP (D.LISSVIK REMIX) - Fever Ray - hawaiian rendition of Fever Ray's most successful single that reliving its popularity thanks to La Roux's latest mix tape

08 (N) - CLOSER - Kylie Minogue - Miss Minogue always grabs my attention with one particularly genius song on almost every album she releases, CLOSER is a stand-out epic journey in2 the darker soundscapes of the Australian princess, as good as the video edit of WHERE IS THE FEELING, CHOCOLATE and NU-DI-TY... I adore when she goes a little edgy still remaining in the frames of pure pop perfection...

07 (N) - HYDROPLANES (JOEY WASHINGTON EDIT) - Pink Stallone - one of the most intriguing acts out there, check out their enigmatic BLOG

06 (1) - VINTER I APRIL - Familjen Feat. Ninsun Poli

05 (N) - IN IT TOGETHER - Human Life - my video of the year so far, have a look HERE

04 (N) - MINGI - Mim Suleiman - Tanzanian afro-beat queen, the pioneer of afro-house, Maurice Fulton produced MINGI stands out among the most original and most unique singles released in 2010, check out Miss Suleiman MYSPACE

03 (N) - DON'T F***ING TELL ME WHAT TO DO - Robyn - what a feast 4 all Robyn devotees this year, here's the strongest of all tracks on the first outing of her electro-tryptich

02 (11) - LONELY SEA - Alexis - we need 2 spread the word about THIS fabulous song big time!

01 (N) - LOVE THING (DJ MEHDI CLUB EDIT) - Eli Escobar - huge phat bass anthem with vocals sounding as if taken straight from some unknown Whitney Houston 80's number, plus Dj Mehdi - always a pure pleasure