Friday, March 12, 2010


1000 hits guys!!! Thank u, thank u, thank u. I am sooo happy. Can't believe we're in top 20 already...

20 - MACHINE GUN - Portishead - noisy, industrial and breathtakingly beautiful return of Portishead in 2008

19 - YOU KNOW ME BETTER - Róisín Murphy - pure dance fest, magnificent from a songwriting point of view, visually stunning in a video hommage 2 Cindy Sherman and an electrifying experience at any of Róisín's live performances

18 - MOONLIGHT DANCE - Sally Shapiro - from the wonderful "MY GUILTY PLEASURE" comes this slickly produced gorgeous little song

17 - ANTHONIO - Annie - Bergen based Anne Lilia Berge Strand teaming up with electro-magician Richard X guarantees first class electro pop productions, additionally with such witty lyrics this might just have 2 b Annie's brightest moment

16 - DEER STOP - Goldfrapp - they're about 2 release their 5th album, this is a rather low-key however dazzling and unworldly track taken from their debut "FELT MOUNTAIN"...

15 - UP! - M83 - French dream pop dressed in exquisite harmonious stereophonic sounds spectacular:-), teşekkür ederim Yeşim 4 introducing me 2 this incredible piece of music

14 - MUSIC - Madonna - La Ciccone-meets-Kraftwerk in a super-hyper-mega production by certain Mirwais Ahmadzaï, 10 years after its release still stands out among all Madonna's singles

13 - RAMALAMA (BANG BANG) - Róisín Murphy - La Murphy's biggest solo song not in a commercial dimension as well as her most bizarre one:

12 - BLIND - Hercules & Love Affair - fascinating tune by a fascinating disco-reinterpreting collective, who would have thought that Antony Hegarty's vocals would suit dancefloor orientated material more than anybody else's... Hugely impressed hearing it 4 the first time back in January 2007 I have decided 2 blog 4 the very first time (on myspace)

11 - DISCOTRAXX - Ladytron - "604" was such a cutting-edge album, not a weak song on it, the one I picked is no less than my most favourite of all Ladytron tunes, that intro in Bulgarian gives me goosebumps each time, DA BOMB!!!