Monday, July 8, 2013

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Best Sally Shapiro Remixes

Sally Shapiro, the indestructible Swedish re-inventors of Italo Disco, have just treated us to "Elsewhere" - a full length remix album inspired by their fantastic 3rd LP "Somewhere Else", one of this year's best albums to date without a doubt. This rather sumptuous selection of remixes influenced me to go over Sally Shapiro and Johan Agebjörn's entire catalogue in aim to compile the following list... With no less than 4 remix albums so far and an amalgamation of excellent singles and collaborative works the choice was indeed difficult...

10 "Architectured Love (Mauvais Cliché Remix)"

Architectured Love (Mauvais Cliché Remix) by Sally Shapiro

09 "My Fantasy (Bottin Remix)"

08 "I Dream With An Angel Tonight (Lovelock Remix)"

Sally Shapiro - I Dream With an Angel Tonight (Lovelock Remix) by steve moore

07 "Find My Soul (Johan Agebjörn's Norwegian Electrojazz Mix)"

06 "Sundown (Nite Jewel Remix)"

SALLY SHAPIRO - Sundown (Nite Jewel Remix) by Paper Bag Records

05 "I'll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix)"

SALLY SHAPIRO - I'll be by your side (Tensnake Remix) by Tensnake

04 "If It Doesn't Rain (Dan Lissvik Remix)"

SALLY SHAPIRO - If It Doesn't Rain (Dan Lissvik Remix) by Paper Bag Records

03 "This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has a Crush on Me (Little Boots Discotheque Remix)"

This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me (Little Boots Discotheque Remix) by Sally Shapiro

02 "Time To Let Go (CFCF Remix)"

01 "Miracle (Bogdan Irkük Remix)"

"Miracle (Bogdan Irkük Remix)" - Sally Shapiro by SHREM