Monday, July 29, 2013


The list of Richard X's ingenious productional work is endless and impressively versatile. From M.I.A. to Pet Shop Boys, from Róisín Murphy to Tiga, from Goldfrapp to Kelis... But perhaps his most fruitful collaborative works were those with the Norwegian saviour of quality pop music, Annie. Mr X is responsible for a few of Miss Strand's most epic tracks from her vibrant back catalogue such as "Chewing Gum", "Me Plus One", "Anthonio" or "Songs Remind Me of You". This brand new joint-effort between the pair comes in a shape of this year's most stellar of all dance and pop releases. "A&R" swept me off my feet with its impossible-to-resist melodies, meticulous arrangements (INVISIBLE !!!!!!!!), 1990's reminiscences, old-school club vibes and Annie's very own, astonishingly convincing recipe for pure pop perfection. Annie and Richard X have proven again to be an unbeatable dream team coming up with heavenly good tunes to an equal delight of both fussy music critics and electro pop devouring fanbase. I literally can't stop listening to these songs, thinking, they are quite possibly Annie's strongest material to date. The EP is out today digitally and it's worth every penny of its price. 12" to follow late August. A truly delectable time for all the "Annie-mals" like myself.



ANNIE - HOLD ON - From The A&R EP by Richard X




ANNIE - MIXED EMOTIONS - From The A&R EP by Richard X