Monday, July 22, 2013

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "PRAYING FOR RAIN" - Alexis Blair Penney /// "NOBODY" - Poisonous Relationship

Jamie Crewe a.k.a. Poisonous Relationship, the artist behind "Men's Feelings" one of this year's best tracks to date (#1 on my Crème de la crème chart in May), assisted Alexis Blair Penney, the flamboyant star of Ecstasy Records, with writing and recording his long-anticipated debut album. "Window" is slated for release 6th August and as we read on the label's blog "contains pop melodies cast in a timeless sound that transcend genre by nodding equally to house, new wave and disco". The first teaser "Praying For Rain" confirms the genre-binding context of the upcoming album, balancing between early 80's post-punk electro, nu romantic, echoes of Bryan Ferry's "Bête Noire" and Annie Lennox's "Diva" with a peculiar almost oriental sounding intro. The song promises a thrilling debut which will hopefully also contain 2 of Alexis' previous excellent songs "Lonely Sea" and "Secret City". While we're anticipating the release of "Window" we can already enjoy Poisonous Relationship's one of a kind "Garden of Problems" filled with real underground gems like the meticulously crafted "Nobody", easily standing-out among the most unusual and unique recordings I heard in 2013 so far. These two played side-by-side prove what a groundbreaking, ultra-selective and exhilarating record label Ecstasy is. I can't praise them enough.

Alexis Penney - Praying for Rain by E C S T A S Y

Poisonous Relationship - Nobody by E C S T A S Y