Wednesday, June 5, 2019

LA MURPHY SAGA CONTINUES: "INCAPABLE" + Top 5 Crooked Man/Róisín Murphy Collaborations

The luscious "Incapable" was hinted at across a number of online vinyl stores for quite some time during last year. The enigmatic house stomper never saw the light of day until its super limited, almost secretive underground 12" release last December with neither artwork nor any mention of Róisín Murphy herself or its legendary producer and owner of the Bitter End label - Crooked Man aka Dj Parrot. The Irish Dancefloor Empress, as I like to call her, has collaborated with Richard Barratt, her Sheffield pal, under many of his mysterious aliases for over 2 decades at this stage but the impossibly sultry "Incapable" might be one of their most accomplished joint forces to date. Following a clear success of the White Label vinyl, the epic diva-house anthem now gets a wider digital release. Soon-to-be your indisputable Saturday night essential, if it's not it already.

Stream and download "Incapable" HERE!

Top 5 Crooked Man/Róisín Murphy Collaborations

5 "In sintesi (The All Seeing I Remix)" (2014)

4 "Narcissus" (2017) [from "Lives Through Magic" compilation"]

3 "Jealousy (House Mix)" (2015)

2 "Feel Up (Salt City Orchestra Wednesday Mix)" (1999) [Spook feat. Róisín Murphy]

1 "Simulation" (2012)