Thursday, November 22, 2018


Onuka are back with a brand new single. The high-powered "Xashi" is such an unanticipated treat considering the Ukrainian electro-folk band have only just released their latest album "MOZAЇKA" back in spring. "ХАЩІ" is an energy-dripping aural concoction of electronica, synths, Kraftwerkian vibes, trombones and the compulsory Ukrainian folk instruments. Onuka is strengthening their established position among the most original acts of the European continent with a devoted following going beyond Central and Eastern Europe at this stage. Attracting audiences with their sleek image paired with the instantly recognisable visual aesthetics of their music videos and live shows, their signature sound fusing various genres, styles and influences and finally with what seems like an unstoppable stream of excellent releases, Onuka are on top of their game!