Monday, February 19, 2018

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "CHERISH" - Shay Lia /// "2 REAL" - Chrystal

Today's post is dedicated to all the R&B and Female Artist lovers searching for a breath of fresh air. These two ladies have already caught our attention last year and are now bringing their new sounds into 2018. Here's Shay Lia and Chrystal.

The Canada-based Djiboutian/French vocalist/lyricist Shay Lia already took my carousel by storm last year with the summery groove "What's Your Problem?", her fantastic collaboration with the mighty Kaytranada. The multi-talented Haitian-Canadian dj is also responsible for producing the silky "Cherish" - Lia's classy 80's flavoured neo-soul ballad which lyrically expresses the singer's take-on the Syrian Refugee crisis. One to watch for 2018, big time!

Chrystal is a vocalist/producer from Bolton whose debut single "Waves" I was completed hooked on about 6 months ago. Signed to 37 Adventures - an independent London-based record label, the singer has just released her brand new single, the irresistibly catchy "2 Real". This bouncy R&B gem was produced by by Nao and Bonzai collaborator John Calvert.