Monday, October 23, 2017


Fatima. Always sophisticated. Never uninspiring. The Eglo Records ambassador returns with "Somebody Else" - the elegantly produced slice of neo soul integrating many a genre in her signature slick way. From jazzy piano vibes, layers of fervent vocal harmonies (that low register though!) and juicy downtempo beats to a whole palette of scratches, strings, samples, synthetisers, horns, 808's and a saucy dose of sub bass, "Somebody Else" sounds like a bona fide masterpiece. Electronica-meets-soul-meets-hip-hop-meets-jazz. Produced by rising star JD. Reid. Right up there with "Do Better" and "Technology" among Fatima's most exquisite recordings to date in her ever so distinguished underground career.

Purchase/stream "Somebody Else" HERE!

Keeping with the theme of urban sounds, musical eclecticism and artistic uniqueness, may I introduce you to the distinctly enigmatic Miink whom I have discovered thanks to our fellow bloggers at Disco Naïveté the other day. "Who Are You?" is a truly sublime excursion into electronic soundscapes, gliding between the creative worlds of Jai Paul, FKA Twigs or even Jamie Woon while remaining completely unparalleled aesthetically. Breathtaking! Miink is certainly one to watch even if unusually absent or even difficult to track down on the internet.