Monday, September 5, 2016


"The A&R EP" and "Endless Vacation" might have been the pinnacle of Annie's synth pop journey so far but the Norwegian electro pop artist is back with another musical surprise. This time joining forces with Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer, better known as Berlin based house duo Tuff City Kids. "Labyrinth" dropped quietly on a 12" White Label via Permanent Vacation to instant and unanimous acclaim from the whole dance & electronica part of the blogosphere. After all Miss Anne Lilia Berge Strand has enjoyed a devoted following among us bloggers for way over a decade at this stage... "Labyrinth" is an Italo disco flavoured club stomper, a vibrant addition to Annie's catalogue of some of the most charming moments in contemporary Pop Music and another successful collaborative effort on her account following the singles with Designer Drugs, Ercola, Skatebård, The Toxic Avenger and Ralph Myerz to name just a few of her previous teamworks. A year without at least one Annie gem just doesn't count, right?

[Photo of Annie by Nina Rangoy]