Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "MUSTAFA" - Bebi Dol /// "YA ME PODAJ" - Balkan Electrique

Two phenomenal tracks. The first one by Serbian Bebi Dol from former Yugoslavia circa 1981 and the second one by Balkan Electrique from my homeland, Poland with the sensational half Bulgarian/ half Polish singer Fiolka on vocals. There's a definite connection there with almost industrial, raw 4AD-esque production, exotic or even oriental melodies, astonishing female vocal performances and the 1980's communism block story behind. I list "Ya Me Podaj" as one of 10 most important songs ever released in Poland (think I will have to publish that list someday too). As for "Mustafa" special "thank you" goes to a lovely carousel reader Andrijana for introducing me to this very unique track.

Balkan Electrique - Ye me poday by Fiolka