Friday, March 4, 2011

CHOON OF THE DAY: ACE OF HZ - Ladytron + Punks Jump Up Remix

They certainly made us all wait. I have just checked I posted the audio of "Ace of Hz" back in October last year... Almost 6 months in and we finally have a video. No one sounds quite like Ladytron out there. For the past decade they have secured their solid spot among my 5 favourite bands in the world right now. I'm continuously impressed with their one-of-a-kind arrangements, eerie harmonies and impeccable melodies "from heavens above" as I tend to call them... Objectively speaking "Ace of Hz" must be one of their finest singles to date too. It's simply faultless. Plus this Punks Jump Up remix is such a treat too...

Ladytron - Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix) by nettwerkmusicgroup

and to top it all up here's an official trailer for their upcoming delicious collection "00-10":