Monday, November 1, 2010

Crème de la crème: OCTOBER 2010

20 (N) - HOT MESS - Chromeo - looking forward to seeing the Chromeo boys live this Thursday, this is one of my favourite tracks on their latest effort "Business Casual"

19 (N) - SUNSHINE - Faith Evans - with echoes from Zhane's timeless "Hey Mr Dj" it's my pick for this year's grooviest r'n'b tune


17 (N) - SO LIFELIKE - Helsinki 78-82 feat. Villa Nah - yet another nu nu romantic gem like it's 1984

16 (N) - MERCY STREET - Fever Ray - Karin Dreijer goes Peter Gabriel

15 (N) - MEN IN LOVE - Gossip - with their fantastic new video directed by SSION's Cody Critcheloe

14 (N) - VIOLENT LOVE - Munk feat. Clara Cometti - taken from Munk's delicious new EP "Mondo Vaga-Bondo"

13 (N) - YANG YANG - Anika

12 (N) - DIFFICULT - Uffie - with this month's most impressive video

11 (N) - PAP SMEAR - Crystal Castles

10 (N) - SLEEPWALKING - Cosmetics - this would be the sound of Miss Kittin if she was still up to anything good... Such class electro singles are sadly a rarity these days

09 (N) - WE RADIATE - Goldfrapp - I'm scared to imagine the quality of the show judging by the cover of its soundtrack, this song however is one of Goldfrapp's finest works since "Supernature" era...

08 (N) - I'VE DONE IT NOW - Spektrum - uncompromising, gritty and sexy sounds of London electro punk scene by the genre's empress Lola Olafisoye & co,

07 (N) - HOES COME OUT AT NIGHT - Cubic Zirconia - the story of the slappy Josephine continues here... A month in music without a bit of Cubic Zirconia just wouldn't be as creamy...

06 (3) - LOVE KILLS - Robyn

05 (N) - RE-SCHOOLING - Loné - ///C///H///O///N///!/// - get your free download at RCRDLBL

04 (N) - BOADICEA - Mason feat. Róisín Murphy - no clue when will this get relased but it is delightful to see Dutch act Mason joining a long and ambitious list of collaborators of the Irish chanteuse, j'adorrrrrrre

03 (1) - COCAINE BLUES - Escort - D.I.S.C.O.

02 (N) - WE DANCE TO THE BEAT - Robyn - "We dance to the beat of the continents shifting under our feet...
We dance to the beat of radioactivity blocking the exits...
We dance to the beat of false maths and unrecognised genius..."

01 (8) - COME COME - Hot As Sun - simply the loveliest and most haunting song in months! Hot As Sun are the ones to be carefully watched for the next few months, in the mean time come come and join them on their FB page for all the updates and treats... My song of the month by a long mile!