Sunday, November 13, 2016


I discovered Wildhart earlier on this year when I stumbled upon their hypnotising "We Made Up A Dream". Now the Swedish alt-pop trio are releasing their debut album "Shine" promoted by the charmingly unconventional "Is It Possible" bravely pushing the boundaries of modern POP. There's so many sonic twists and turns here yet the track beguiles listeners with its undeniably
ravishing melody and productional aesthetics. It is jazzy in moments, it's experimental, it's dreamy, and it is euphoric with the exquisite array of subtle beats. A true gem of a song.

"SHINE is for us a meltdown of the sounds and influences we've had over three years. It is a melancholic story of us all being broken flowers reaching out to the sun. It is an album about dreams. A letter to a friend who lost her mother. And a gratitude to the ones we love."

You can stream "Shine" on Hype Machine .