Sunday, October 30, 2016

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "IN LOVE WITH" - Funkformer feat. S.Y.F. (Starving Yet Full) /// "EUPHORIA" - Pavel Dovgal feat. S.Y.F.

The instantly recognisable velvet vocals of former Azari & III singer - Cédric Gasaïda aka Starving Yet Full are the centre piece of this sleekly produced deep house-meets-electronic soul ballad by Moscow-based producer Funkformer. The beguiling melody and SYF's flawless vocal performance are paired with a fittingly stylish video directed by Alexey Puzikov and Victoria Vorontsova. "In Love With" EP is out now.

The sought-after Canadian singer of Rwandan descent has also recently featured on "Euphoria" - a track taken from Pavel Dovgal's upcoming album "The Aura". Cédric Gasaïda once again bringing the soul back to electronica.