Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Favourite Jody Watley tracks

So it is Miss Jody Watley's birthday today. One of my very first huge idols and muses whom I remained a devoted fan to until today. Such a vibrant repertoire, so many classic singles, such an inspirational icon... Here's my little "Happy Birthday" selection of my personal favourite moments in her career which was a very challenging task to complete considering the amount of tunes I adore from her vast catalogue:

10 "Affection" (1995)

09 "Whenever" (2001)

Whenever by JodyWatley

08 "Still A Thrill" (1987)

07 "Love Injection" (1987)

06 "I Want You" (1991)

05 "Don't You Want Me (Dance Remix)" (1989)

04 "When A Man Loves A Woman" (1994)

03 "Bed Of Roses" - with 4Hero (2006)

02 "The Essence" (2004)

01 "Real Love" (1989)