Thursday, January 19, 2012

CHOONS OF THE DAY: "NO MATTER WHAT" - Jolie Chérie + "NIGHTCALL (Jolie Chérie Remix)" - Kavinsky

We have a double bill coming from Jolie Chérie today, one of my favourite French acts out there. They have just released a new video made for another of their chic electro-pop numbers. "No Matter What" comes in a perfect moment really, as the band's member Monsieur Etienne de Champfleury kindly agreed to prepare a little exclusive list of his favourite dance tunes especially for my carousel, it should be all set and ready to go this evening just on time for the weekend. In the meantime check out this fresh dose of French coolness oh yeah and as a bonus I've added their fabulous mix of Kavinsky's cult "Nightcalls" which I don't recollect ever posting it here before.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Jolie Cherie remix) by joliecheriemusic