Saturday, May 7, 2011

SHREM'S INSTITUTE OF LOST CLASSICS: "LONELY SEA" - Alexis Blair Penney + Honey Soundsystem Remix

This was almost instantly a lost classic, or perhaps more like a cult underground anthem. One of the most melodic and haunting songs I heard in 2010, "Lonely Sea" was finally released earlier on this year as a strictly limited edition 7" (250 copies only!!!) via honeysoundsystem. It is one of those utterly beautiful dance tunes that would have been a number one for weeks in a perfect world... Alexis Blair Penney proved his impeccable taste in music once again quite recently compiling an extraordinary mixtapes for my fellow-blogger Vlad @ Warmer. What a fascinating character!!!

Alexis Blair Penney - Lonely Sea (Honey Soundsystem Remix) by Honey Soundsystem HNYTRX