Friday, March 5, 2010

LA MURPHY SAGA: ROYAL T with The Crookers

"I’ve always wanted to make music that works on dancefloors. It’s a good place for me to be. You really have to approach it clearly. You have to say, “That’s what I want to do. I want it to work on a big system. For people to freak out dancing to it.” The best dance music does have a sense of lineage in it--it’s kind of historical context too as well as just sounding really big and hammering your head off."

This off-da-wall new track by the scarily talented Italians from THE CROOKERS and my number one muse - Róisín brought back some oldskool Moloko memories when La Murphy was still wearing that famous tight sweater... I just adore how passionate she is about making dance music. This simply is one of the most original songs of the past few months. And guess what Ireland has it available 2 download off i-tunes from 2day!!! There's another fabulous composition on The Crookers' "TONS OF FRIENDS" featuring La Murphy - HOLD UP YOUR HAND. U won't regret these purchases;-) U have SHREM's word 4 it X