Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crème de la crème: MARCH 2010

What a sensational month in music!!! I was struggling with narrowing my chart down 2 just 20 songs this time... Browse through my March posts 2 listen 2 some of those gems:

20 (N) - BABY CAN'T STOP - Lindstrøm & Christabelle - 1980's rare grooves updated in a super-slick Norwegian way

19 (N) - IF YOU WANT MY LOVE - Intelligent Manners - drum'n'bass sounding like back in the genre's finest period and made in St Petersburg, great track

18 (N) - GAY BOY - Farah - this year's most bizarre and quite possibly the most annoying single, Italian Do It Better label's incomparable treasure

17 (N) - COOLER COULEUR - The Crookers Feat. Yelle - fantastic collaboration, this one's going 2 b B-----I-----G-----!

16 (3) - WE HAVE LOVE - Hot Chip - fruitful production on Hot Chip's first attempt 2 match the indisputable brilliance of OVER & OVER

15 (2) - MOMMA'S PLACE - Róisín Murphy - 3rd month in my charts says it all... CLASSIC

14 (N) - BABY I'M YOURS - Breakbot Feat. Irfane - Do you wanna funk???

13 (N) - WHY DON'T YOU - Gramophonedzie - Peggy Lee introduced 2 clubland generation a mere half a decade after its initial release

12 (N) - VLAD - Pink Stallone - ITALIANS DO IT BETTER and their 2nd of 3 releases I had a pure pleasure 2 include in my ranking, eerie piece of disco noir

11 (N) - PROTECTION (SIRIUSMO REMIX) - Ben Mono Feat. Bajka - play that funky music peeps!

10 (N) - THE WORSE IT GETS - Penguin Prison - number one on all charts in a perfect world...

09 (N) - HUNGRY FOR THE POWER - Azari & III - androgynous house anthem - très

08 (N) - FLAWLESS - Hard Ton - super camp male version of Beth Ditto doing his best Donna Sumer vs Giorgio Moroder impersonation in a Grace Jones ensemble, seriously B R I L L I A N T

07 (N) - DRUNKEN SAILOR JAZZZZ - Kahuun Feat. Sonia Rubina - twisted neo swing from the city with the most amount of musical talents per capita - Bergen in Norway

06 (N) - I WANNA LIFE - Goldfrapp - apparently influenced by all sounds that weren't cool in the 80's new Goldfrapp material sounds cooler than anything else out there in the map of pop music

05 (N) - TO KINGDOM COME (ARTWORK REMIX) - Passion Pit - well done Maciek, I owe u one, floating vibrations and a juicy free download HERE

04 (18) - BULLET PROOF - Ray Mang Feat. Lady Miss Kier - a nu disco stomper, single with my name written all over it, spectacular rendition of George Clinton's P-Funk cult track and most importantly LADY MISS KIER is B-A-C-K wooohooo

03 (10) - FEELING WITHOUT TOUCHING - Glass Candy - The non-Italians that do it better yet again... Such a pure class tune,

02 (N) - JOSEPHINE - Cubic Zirconia - one word: B-O-N-K-E-R-S-!-!-!

01 (N) - ROYAL T - The Crookers Feat. Róisín Murphy - anthemic a cult-song-in-progress collaboration between Irish chanteuse and Italian multi eclectic super-duo, if u haven't heard it yet make sure u do HERE