Saturday, December 2, 2017

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Greatest Jimi Tenor Underground Club Moments + "Sleepover" EP

Finnish maestro Jimi Tenor is famous in muso circles for his eclecticism and artistic versatility. He has always been experimenting with the sounds of jazz, electronica, afro-beat, soul, funk, techno and minimal without ever fully settling for any specific genre. One reoccurring theme across his 2-decade long repertoire is his flirtation with underground club music with his very own avant-garde twist. While Jimi Tenor is releasing a collaborative EP "Sleepover" with Freestyle Man which teleported him back to the alternative club dancefloors, I thought it'd be a rather nice opportunity go over some of his back catalogue. And what better excuse to come up with another list of mine! The magnificent 4-tracker does includes exactly what it says on the tin: "it's jam-packed with classic drum machine funk, congenial synth lines and Jimi's unmistakable lead vocals and flute-playing and it's fuelled by the two maestros' mutual love for New Jersey house music."Sleepover" EP is out now via Studio Barnhus.

Top 10 Greatest Jimi Tenor Underground Club Moments:

10 "Party Girl" - Claptone feat. Jimi Tenor (2015)

9 "Tear It Down" - Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor & Jonathan Maron (2017)

8 "Total Devastation" (1999)

7 "House of Beloved" - from "Sugardaddy / Take Me Baby" (1997)

6 "Transcend Our Love" - Cola & Jimmu (2013)

5 "Take Me Baby" (1995)

4 "Open Up Your Chakra" - Cola & Jimmu (2013)

3 "Can't Stay With You Baby" (1996)

2 "Call Of The Wild" - with Gus Gus (2003)

1 "Year Of The Apocalypse" (1999)