Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am still blown-away after seeing Dead Can Dance live for the first time last Sunday on their final of European tour dates, here in Dublin. It was like a fairytale. I am also yet to find appropriate words to describe it... Just like with Kraftwerk a few years ago it was a particular unexpected treat of admiring live one of those musical acts never in my wildest dreams I thought I could ever catch on stage... The 4AD legends gave a magnificent, ornate, eponymous performance of their very own kind, the exuberant mix of Oriental, Greek, medieval, gothic and celtic sounds created an astonishing atmosphere and with the theatre filled with die-hard DCD fans it was a truly magical show. Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry were both at the top of their vocal game too. "The Ubiquitous Mr.lovegrove" from my beloved "Into the Labyrinth" was a highlight just as the other 4 (!!!) encores! A concert to remember big time... Great sharing this moment with some fellow-muso friends too... Here's the magnificent "Agape" from their latest album "Anastasis" and the hypnotising "Indus" from "Spiritchaser", one of the most beautiful recordings of the Australian legends.