Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crème de la crème: NOVEMBER 2010

20 (5) - RE-SCHOOLING - Loné

19 (N) - SYNCHRONIZE - Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker - this should have been recorded with Róisín Murphy on vocals instead!

18 (2) - WE DANCE TO THE BEAT - Robyn

17 (N) - LA MUSIQUE - Yelle - Le pop fantastique oui oui!

16 (N) - RIDE - Wet Look

15 (N) - LET'S DO IT AGAIN (OVER AND OVER) - Great Weekend - juicy piece of upbeat nu jazz grooviness recommended by the man who knows it best mister Gilles Peterson

14 (14) - VIOLENT LOVE - Munk feat. Clara Cometti - taken from Munk's delicious new EP "Mondo Vaga-Bondo", the Twelves remix is the s*%@!

13 (N) - BLACK AND BLUE - Terminal Twilight - for those of you who adore Glass Candy, Appaloosa, Chromatics or Cosmetics as much as me, essential!

12 (N) - DANCING IN SLOW MOTION - Teengirl Fantasy feat. Shannon Funchess - breathtakingly stunning, one of those precious epic moments in music this year...

11 (RE) - EMANCIPATE - Kelis - back in chart cause I can't get enough of this anthem again...

10 (N) - HOT CONTACT - Walter Jones

09 (N) - WHAT YOU NEED - Kim Ann Foxman - sleek production, throbbing beat, haunting melody, house music @ its most refined

08 (N) - BAPTISM - Crystal Castles

07 (N) - CRAZY - Heels Of Love feat. Hard Ton - Italian Dance Attack continues... And another fabulous collaboration with the one and only Hard Ton a.k.a. DisGrace Jones, following his previous joint efforts with Stefano e bene and The Barking Dogs

06 (N) - DAYS AHEAD - Museum of Bellas Artes - I've lost the count of all the interesting tracks that came from the Nordic countries so far this year, HERE's just yet another innovative act from Sweden...

05 (N) - ACE OF HZ - Ladytron - from their long anticipated album number 5...

04 (N) - INSOMNIE - Jolie Chérie - fresh, french and sexy from Kitsuné Maison's latest compilation... Certainement pas pour les insomniaques...

03 (N) - INDESTRUCTIBLE - Robyn - it's a double-bill with Robyn this month yet again... Actually it's even a triple bill considering "We Dance to the Beat" is still in top 20... No one on this planet makes such a classy, sophisticated and cool pop music these days... A-Trak remix of the song is out of this world!

02 (N) - STARS 4-EVER - Robyn - The.Catchiest.Song.Of.The.Year.

01 (N) - INTO THE NIGHT - Azari & III - this year's been very generous on the house music front, off all acts the one that stole the entire show was Toronto's duo Dinamo Azari & Alixander III with flamboyant vocalists Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full... At the end of this year it will simply be a battle between their pervious effort "Reckless (With Your Love)" and this month's number one single "Into The Night" as the best dance record of 2010...