Thursday, March 1, 2018


Today, I am revisiting the only thread on my blog which is fully dedicated to one artist - the one, the only, the incomparable Róisín Murphy. While we impatiently anticipate the release of La Murphy's fresh Maurice Fulton-produced club singles, we are being treated to the first of two collaborations with Dj Koze, taken from his upcoming album "Knock Knock". The surprising "Illumination" is a seductive sonic cocktail of Koze's electronic wizardry, unexpected melody twists and Murphy's vocal acrobatics in the full palette of her incomparable voice as she becomes the "cyborg funk diva". The track doesn't quite sound like any other joint efforts Róisín Murphy committed to in the past and marks the beginning of what's shaping to be a rather exciting year for both the Irish artist herself and her devoted fans, myself included.

Koze on Murphy: "Working on a song together with Roísín is even better than not working at all"

"Knock Knock" is out 4th May via Pamper Records.

Here's an updated Soundcloud playlist celebrating most of Róisín Murphy's collaborations to date: