Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Róisín Murphy continues to inspire and amaze, this time self-directing the third consecutive music video in her wondrously bizarre saga promoting the newly Mercury Prize nominated album "Hairless Toys". The final album track, the charmingly old-fashioned, quasi-folk, "sweet love song" as she describes "Unputdownable" herself, gets a surreal video treatment including multiple costume changes, La Murphy's inescapable aura of absurdity, fascinatingly complex visual narration and apparently a whole bunch of her friends in various cameos.

"A ridiculous concoction,
a trailer for a dream
With special thanks to those dear friends who were foolish enough to be in it" - as she introduced the video earlier on her Facebook page.

Róisín Murphy is set to be gone soon rehearsing again for the autumn leg of her fabulously theatrical "Hairless Toys" tour which is quite possibly reaching a city near you in November. Check out all the dates HERE. And for a taster of current live shows here's a bunch of her recent TV performances: