Monday, June 15, 2015


The video for "Evil Eyes" - the 2nd single from Róisín Murphy's latest solo album "Hairless Toys" is out now after a few days of Instagram and Facebook teasers from the Irish Empress of Disco.  The sophisticated, retro flavoured video is self-directed by La Murphy herself, taking even more ownership over her art and career since her directorial debut with the astonishing "Exploitation".

"Appearing both behind and in front of the lens, Murphy gives life to one of the characters she created on Hairless Toys. Here she plays a housewife, trapped in retro-suburban mundanity and spiralling towards mental illness – all the while soundtracked by the lurching and menacing groove of Evil Eyes’ disco-laced funk." - we read in The Guardian which premiered the video earlier on today.

It's hard not to imagine and dream about a fully visual edition of the exquisite "Hairless Toys" where Róisín Murphy could turn every one of the 8 songs and 8 characters behind them into individual video pieces. Here's hoping!

Aji maji la taraji!