Monday, January 28, 2013

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Favourite The Knife tracks

Since the video and the single for The Knife's most anticipated come-back single "Full Of Fire" was finally released today I thought it'd b a good opportunity to dedicate the next of my lists to the ultra-talented Swedish siblings and all their recordings so far. Here's my very subjective selection of some of their finest musical moments so far...

10 "I Live In A Tree" (2001) - B-side on "N.Y. Hotel" and "You Take My Breath Away" singles

The Knife 'I Live In A Tree' by Brille Records

09 "Lasagna" (2001) - from "The Knife"

The Knife - Lasagna by modestowl9

08 "We Share Our Mothers' Health" (2006) - from "Silent Shout"

07 "The Captain" (2006) - from "Silent Shout"

The Knife 'The Captain' by Brille Records

06 "Kino" [live version] (2001) - from "Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience" + B-side on "We Share Our Mothers' Health" single

05 "Like A Pen" (2006) - from "Silent Shout"

04 "Marble House" (2006) - with Jay-Jay Johanson from "Silent Shout"

03 "You Take My Breath Away" (2003) - with Jenny Wilson from "Deep Cuts"

02 "Silent Shout" (2006) - from "Silent Shout"

01 "Pass This On" (2003) - from "Deep Cuts"


+ a very special bonus: "Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward (The Knife Remix)" - Jenny Wilson - one of those rather rare occasions when Karin and Olof provided a remix treatment for another artist... Truly magical...

Jenny Wilson - "Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward (Knife remix)" by SHREM