Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "WALK ON BY" - El Perro del Mar /// "FOOLS GOLD" - The Stone Roses

There usually is so much more in common between the two tracks I present to you in my "Double Trouble" thread. Today it is possibly a very subjective feeling that made me join these two songs despite of the 23 years gap between their release dates and sonic similarities which are perhaps not that obvious at all. When I saw El Perro Del Mar's neon-tastic new video last night for the very first time it somehow oddly brought back the memories of Stone Roses' phenomenal 1989 single "Fool's Gold" - a forerunner of the indie-goes-dance movement which dominated the following years on the map of British music. No more excuses, just listen to them both here, don't they mingle with each other rather splendidly? One additional comment on "Walk On By" - it must be one of the most beguiling moments in Pop music this year, don't you think?