Thursday, October 18, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "SAME WAY I FEEL" [live] - Midnight Magic /// "DANCER (live)" [Gino Soccio Cover] - Escort

I've got two sensational live tracks by two biggest heroes on the disco reinventing scene at the moment. I have been continuously praising both Midnight Magic and Escort for the past few years. They're both based in Brooklyn. They both had an astonishing run of excellent singles and EP's. They are both blessed to feature two incredibly talented and charismatic female vocalists: Tiffany Roth and Adeline Michèle. Finally, both bands are about to drop their brand new albums. Midnight Magic's debut album "Walking The Midnight Streets" is definitely the most anticipated record in 2012 in my books, roll on 14th November! "Same Way I Feel" serves as a very delicious appetiser before we get to indulge in the whole record. Huge expectations! "As for the fabulous Escort, this 17 piece disco orchestra is about to treat us to a vibrant collection of remixes from their self-titled first album, with mixes from Greg Wilson, JKriv, Max Essa and Ewan Pearson among others. Here they are covering Gino Soccio's cult record "Dancer" in a rather spectacular way. This will be such a discolicious winter time!

   Midnight Magic - Same Way I Feel by Midnight Magic

   Starlight (RAC Remix) by Escort Records