Monday, May 28, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "BACARDI & COLA" /// "DREAM OF PARADISE (Jadoo Remix)" [with Ajello] - Hard Ton

The ever so busy being busy Hard Ton has even more nu disco tricks up his XXL sleeves! Literally days after I was privileged to receive his flamboyant "Perfect Party Playlist" submitted exclusively for my blog, we are treated to more surprises from this unstoppable nu italo disco machine! The video for the so far unreleased and immediately dancefloor ready "Bacardi & Cola" was created by the cult Piepke. This week also sees the release of Hard Ton's second collaboration with Ajello - "Dream Of Paradise", following last year's monster of an anthem "Chocolate Black Leather" - top 5 of the best tunes in 2011! Of all the mixes Jadoo's disco divine treatment seems the most fun! All Hail to the XXL disco diva of the XXI Century!

   Ajello - Dream Of Paradise (Jadoo Remix) by Jadoo Music