Saturday, December 10, 2011

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "ANIMALS" - Creep feat. Holly Miranda /// "SHININ'" - Pandr Eyez

Two fascinating tracks completely re-inventing R'N'B sounds, mixing them with a rather delicious combo of electronica, dancehall, witch house, "atari" style samples and what not... CREEP and Pandr Eyez join the likes of Cubic Zirconia and Bonjay bringing the freshness back to the urban scene of futuristic R'N'B. I have a feeling CREEP's video might end up among Shrem's best videos in 2011 nominations to be revealed very very soon.

CREEP - Animals (feat Holly Miranda) from OFFICIAL CREEP on Vimeo.

As it's the end-of-the-year-treats time and I just realised I don't think I ever shared this before, here's Creep's wonderfully creepy version of one of this year's best singles, Azari & III's anthemic "Manic":

AZARI & III - MANIC (CREEP REMIX) by Annie Mac Presents