Friday, June 3, 2011

Crème de la crème: MAY 2011

20 (N) - "Eyes Be Closed" - Washed Out - glo-fi soundscapes like no others

19 (N) - "Must Be Heaven" - Mike Monday - last year's 12" house stomper that only properly caught my attention (and my feet!) now...

18 (3) - "Chocolate Black Leather" - Ajello & Hard Ton

17 (N) - "Keep On Shining" - CSLSX - Balearic lushness by the most enigmatic act of this month's top 20

16 (N) - "Run the World (Girls)" - Beyoncé - Miss Knowles' most uncompromising, most brazen and least catchy single to date! So much better than the whole Lady Gaga's album put together!

15 (N) - "Love In Motion" - SebastiAn feat. Mayer Hawthorne - this is what soul & funk sound like in 21st century!

14 (4) - "MindKilla" - Gang Gang Dance

13 (N) - "Night or Day (CZ Club Mix)" - Cubic Zirconia feat. Bilal - hypnotising! Tiombe Lockhart and the boys deliver their 5th single in a row that reached my monthly crème de la crème rankings...

Cubic Zirconia - Night or Day (CZ Club Mix) by XXY

(1) - "Prisoner Of Love" - Jessica 6 feat. Antony - A.N.T.H.E.M.!.

11 (N) - "Fascination" - Nicolette - unique, creative and never predictable, Nicolette never fails to amaze me!

(RE)- "Lonely Sea" - Alexis Blair Penney - think I might have mentioned already about 250 times that I am one of the 250 lucky owners of this strictly limited 7" single, lipstick kissed by Alexis (him/her)self, here's a lovely brand new remix I haven't shared with you guys yet...

Alexis Blair Penny "Lonely Sea (Ecstasy Mix)" by E C S T A S Y

09 (N) - "Little Black Angel"/"White Elephant" - Ladytron - electronic double whammy from Liverpool via Bulgaria... Can't wait for "Gravity the Seducer"

08 (N) - "So Hot" - The Miracles Club - in both club and old school mix this is the perfect antidote to all that bleak and criminally predictable commercial house music that's destroying the good name of the mother of club genres

07 (N) - "Cherry Picking" - Toddla T feat. Róisín Murphy - from a very limited 12" single, La Murphy goes all gritty and urban, taken from Toddla T's upcoming album released under the legendary Ninja Tune

06 (N) - "Good Night Good Morning" - Beth Ditto - can't get over this magical EP, welcome song number 3 and Miss Ditto's 5 month in a row in my top 20...

05 (N) - "Wildfire" - SBTRKT feat. Yukimi Nagano - short break from Little Dragon? The mesmerising Yukimi Nagano joining forces with the anonymous producer from London... I heard it first at NoSnobsAllowed!

04 (N) - "In The Heat" - Jessica 6 - "See the Light" offers you a classy, sophisticated as well as camp and fierce journey through funk, house, soul and electronica. Nomi Ruiz in her element, my favourite song on the album so far!

03 (N) - "Dancing" - Omar feat. Zed Bias - this one is going to be maaaaaaaaaaaaaaassive! The greatest dance record in 2011? Very very possibly...

02 (2) - "Elevate" - Finesse - number 2 last month, number 2 this month... Stable spot among my absolute favourite tracks of the past few months.

01 (N) - "Over" - Gus Gus - epic, eponymous and monumental dance moment from the pioneers of the "Icelandic hi-tech soul" from the indisputably best album released in 2011 so far...

Over by Kompakt