Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crème de la crème: APRIL 2011

20 (N) - IS THAT YOUR GIRL? - Mattie Safer - this tune is brilliantly brazen!

Is That Your Girl? (feat. Telli from Ninjasonik) by Mattie Safer

19 (N) - HIDE ME - The Golden Filter - one of the bands I missed out on in 2010, not too keen on the whole album, this song however, along with "Stardust" is rather yummy...

Hide Me by TheGoldenFilter

18 (N) - YOU SAY I - Filewile - the Swiss
mélange of funk, nu jazz and P-funk, sounding like no other single this year...

17 (11) - DO YOU NEED SOMEONE? - Beth Ditto


15 (N) - LOSING YOU - Kontigo - dubstep at its most sublime

14 (N) - TAKE IT BACK - Toddla T feat. Shola Ama - 1990's are so back with this one! Toddla T's new album's looking more and more promising with this track as well as his extra-saucy collaboration with Róisín Murphy, I can barely wait!

13 (N) - LOSING MY PATIENCE - Shit Robot feat. Alexis Taylor - this should keep us all Hot Chip followers going until we hear some highly anticipated news on the synthpop band's new material...

12 (3) - I WROTE THE BOOK - Beth Ditto - it's a double score for Miss Ditto this month, not only she still has both of the songs in my top 20 since January but also both of them go against another 10 juicy tracks in my first poll of 2011 HERE

11 (N) - PUT YOUR HANDS UP (PETE HAMMOND MIX) - Kylie Minogue - Pete Hammonds sprinkles his 1980's magic over this catchy tune, euphoric!

10 (5) - BOADICEA - Mason feat. Róisín Murphy - among 12 best tunes of 2011 so far, have you voted yet?

(N) - DAEMON - Kenton Slash Demon - Danish electro extravaganza!
(N) - FANTASY - Breakbot feat. Ruckazoid - L'été d'amour est de retour!
07 (17) - TAILOR-MADE - Daedelus feat. Milosh

06 (N) - FLYIN' - Hard Ton

05 (N) - ZODIAC - Steed Lord - if not for Björk they would steal the spot for the most fashionable Icelanders out there... Their glamorously tacky style go hand in hand with their colourful synth-pop sound... "Oh I just wanna dance with you!"

04 (N) - MINDKILLA - Gang Gang Dance - Kate Bush goes The Knife as accurately described by one of my best friends Marysia, what a phenomenal track!

03 (1) - CHOCOLATE BLACK LEATHER - Ajello feat. Hard Ton - here's a remix you might have not heard yet:

B2 - AJELLO feat. Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather - Brennan Green Beatless by Ajello

02 (N) - ELEVATE - Finesse - Finesse - Noun:
"Intricate and refined delicacy" - what a fitting name as "Elevate" is an intricate and refined delicacy of a song! This remix below is beguiling too:

Finesse "Elevate (Kendig's Lifted Remix)" by E C S T A S Y

01 (N) - PRISONER OF LOVE - Jessica 6 feat. Antony Hegarty - the epic collaboration as anthemic as Hercules & Love Affair's "Blind" a few years ago... Magical piece of music, don't forget to pre-order Jessica 6's debut album "See the Light"! I predict one of the albums of the year if the the actual ONE!!! I have included both "Prisoner of Love" and "White Horse" among 12 best songs in 2011 so far.