Saturday, February 22, 2020

CHOON OF THE DAY: "LICK IN HEAVEN" - Jessy Lanza + Top 20 Greatest Jessy Lanza Tracks

Jessy Lanza has been setting the perfect tone for the arrival of her most anticipated 3rd solo album these past few months. While putting the finishing touches to LP3, she has treated us to that terrific rendition of HOMESHAKE's "Like Mariah", the instantly anthemic "Stop & Go" under the alias of The Galleria (with Morgan Geist) and finally to "Bobby" that highly sought-after Hyperdub-anniversary special with James Greenspan of the Junior Boys. Talk about turning up the heat in the Lanza department big time. With the premiere of Jessy Lanza's brand new solo single the delectable "Lick In Heaven", I am re-visiting this Canadian artist's entire catalogue all over again, cherry-picking my personal favourites.

Check out Jessy Lanza's upcoming tour dates via her Facebook page, the one performance I am particularly excited is her 13th March gig at Lost Lane in Dublin. It'll be my 4th time seeing her live. Bring it on!

Top 20 Greatest Jessy Lanza Tracks

20 "Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)" [with Ikonika] (2013)

19 "Kathy Lee" (2013)

18 "Bobby" [with Jeremy Greenspan] (2019)

17 "You and Me" (2014)

16 "Pull My Hair Back" (2013)

15 "Vv Violence" (2016)

14 "You Never Show Your Love" [with DJ Spinn & Taso] (2015)

13 "Like Mariah (Jessy Lanza Mix)" - HOMESHAKE (2019)

12 "Second Chance" [with Caribou] (2014)

11 "New Ogi" (2016)

10 "Keep Moving" (2013)

9 "Mezzanine" [with Morgan Geist as The Galleria] (2015)

8 "Oh No" (2016)

7 "Lick in Heaven" (2020)

6 "Against the Wall" (2013)

5 "Fuck Diamond" (2013)

4 "Stop & Go" [with Morgan Geist as The Galleria] (2019)

3 "I Talk Bb" (2017)

2 "Never Enough" (2016)

1 "It Means I Love You" (2016)