Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I am reviving my "Newbies But To-Be's" thread today with the arrival of the enigmatic Otha. Otha follows Smerz, Sassy 009, Lekende Lett, or ARY in the recent invasion of independent Norwegian female artists. Norway has enjoyed a really prolific club and electronica scene for way over 2 decades at this stage, yet each one of these new talents is bringing something fresh to the table. Othalie Husøy's self-released "One of the Girls" has it all. The seductive collage of ambient and deep house, that uncannily crisp Scandinavian synth-pop production, haunting melody and flawless vocal harmonies. It is an instantly captivating composition, complete in every respect. I have lost the play count of "One of the Girls" at this stage as I remain completely mesmerised by the song.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF MAY 2018

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "Dancing With The Devil" - NIKI (88rising Music)

24 (N) "Det Slår Mig Ibland" - Cherrie (Araweelo)

23 (N) "Tyyyle miłości" - Reni Jusis (Sony Music)

22 (N) "Heaven Is My Thing Again" - SSION feat. Ian Isiah, MNDR & Jametatone (self-released)

21 (6) "Wdsg?" - Bea (self-released)

20 (N) "Breathe" - Seinabo Sey (Saraba AB)

19 (N) "Ultimatum" - Discloure feat. Fatoumata Diawara (PMR)

18 (N) "Black Walls" - Chromatics (Italians Do It Better)

17 (N) "Sylvia Says (A-Trak Remix)" - Charlotte Gainsbourg (Because Music)

16 (N) "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" - Amber Mark (PMR)

15 (2) "Dancefloor" - Tracey Thorn (Merge Records)

14 (N) "Coolhand" - Buzzy Lee (Future Classic)

13 (N) "Fuel" - Gus Gus (Oroom)

12 (3) "Travelling Without Arriving" - Peggy Gou (Phonica Records)

11 (N) "Text Apology (Demuja Remix)" - Shouse feat. Martha (Clipp.Art)

10 (N) "Jukebox" - Луна (self-released)

9 (N) "Substitutes" - Sink Ya Teeth (Hey Buffalo Records)

8 (N) "Black Magik Dawn" - Josh Caffe & Hannah Holland (Night Sheen Records)

7 (N) "Scratch That" - Dj Koze feat. Róisín Murphy (Pampa Records)

6 (N) "5D" - Sevdaliza (Twisted Elegance)

5 (N) "Looking From Above" - Fede Lng feat. Yaeji (Axe On Wax)

4 (N) "Damn, Dis-Moi" - Christine and the Queens feat. Dâm-Funk (Because Music)

3 (N) "All My Dreams" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

2 (1) "Controller" - Channel Tres (GODMODE)

1 (N) "Innocence" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: "Damn, dis-moi" - Christine & The Queens feat. Dâm-Funk + Top 10 Greatest DāM-FunK Collaborations

The wonder-child of French Pop Christine & The Queens is back with a fresh and unexpected collaboration with a Californian maestro of electronic funk and neo-boogie, the mighty DāM-FunK himself. The 1980's flavoured "Damn, dis-moi" (also available in an English version "Girlfriend") is a sublime cocktail of vintage synth pop, post-disco and the producer's signature funktronica. This truly delectable joint effort, which I have had on the loop for the past 2 weeks, is already shaping to be one of the strongest contenders for the track of the year and I can't think of a better occasion to re-visit Dâm-Funk's impressive back catalogue of previous projects.

Top 10 Greatest DāM-FunK Collaborations:

10 "What's On Your Mind" - with Tony Cook (2010)

9 "Glyde 2nyte" - with Leon Sylvers III & Leon Sylvers IV (2015)

"What's Up" - with Ekkah (2016)

7 "I Know (That You Are the 1)" - with Ikonika (2014)

6 "Bail Me Out" - with Trus'me (2009)

5 "Warm Eyes" - with Fatima (2010)

4 "Space Between Us" - with Ekkah (2016)

3 "Can U Read Me?" - Nite-Funk (2016)

"Damn, dis-moi/Girlfriend" - with Christine & The Queens (2018)

1 "Let Me Be Me" - Nite-Funk (2016)