Monday, August 28, 2017


I am returning following a 3-week long wedding driven hiatus to share some more music with you, hopefully in a more systematic manner again. Thank you for your patience.

It was difficult to choose the very first song as there have been quite a few new tracks on the horizon these past 3 weeks but I've decided to be loyal and dedicate it to Blissful - the brand new project by Svala Kali and Einar Egils from the cult Icelandic ensemble Steed Lord, one of the most blogged about acts on my carousel. Blissful have just dropped their most anticipated second single "Make It Better", a follow up to the duo's magnificent debut track "Elevate" of which I was singing the praises last year.

Even though the single clearly is a further venture into the electronic R'N'B territories, and even though some of Svala's vocals seem quite different, it's still uncannily THEM! Their signature synth-laden production amalgamated with one of their most melodic and (almost!) radio-friendly efforts to date creates a sublime pop moment! Understated yet offering tremendous potential at the same time. As the visual aspect of Blissful's work is a crucial element of their artistic vision, I am already looking forward to the video for "Make It Better".