Thursday, December 3, 2015

LA MURPHY SAGA CONTINUES: "HOUSE OF GLASS" [Maurice Fulton Remix] + "UNPUTDOWNABLE" [Tom Demac Remix] - Róisín Murphy

It seems like we might have just received a late but very strong contender for the remix of the year. Róisín Murphy has been teasing us about Maurice Fulton's remix of "House Of Glass" - arguably the most exquisite track on her Mercury Prize nominated "Hairless Toys", for quite some time at this stage. Now the official video accompanying the release of the very special etched 12" single with Fulton's divine reinterpretation of the track (pre-order your copy HERE) is finally out. The Irish chanteuse self-directed the video for "House of Glass" which was shot around the same time as "Unputdownable" and it includes even more of those absurd and theatrical antics and even more of those signature, hairlessly extravagant guises. This is how La Murphy introduced the video on her official Facebook page earlier on:

"For me "House of Glass" has special resonance as it's autobiographical, about my time in Sheffield. So I was extremely happy when one of my favourite producers, Maurice Fulton, wanted to do a mix of it. I simply love it"

The release of Maurice Fulton's remix of "House of Glass" coincides with the digital release of the "Unputdownable" remix EP and they both conclude a rather spectacular year for the artist I have apparently been blogging about 101 times already. Here's 2 more fabulous tracks to add to the bill.