Monday, November 2, 2015


I have been very fond of Sylvain Dalido, better known as Popular Computer, ever since I came across his infectious "Darling" for the first time back in 2009, a track which to this day remains one of the most listened to songs in my music library. Popular Computer blew me away again with "Lointain" which I have chosen as one of the best tracks in 2011. I was very lucky and privileged then to have this French electronic producer guest appearing on my blog back in 2013 when he exclusively selected this inspiring and eclectic "Perfect Party Playlist". 2015 sees Monsieur Dalido returning with his third LP, the aptly titled "Euro Kiss" which circulates around diverse sounds, genres, styles, instruments and even languages. It's a sonic melting-pot, a colourful amalgamation of electro, Italo and nu disco, 80s rare grooves, modern funk, French house, Japanese Shibuya-kei, tropical vibes and a whole array of retro synthesisers. It's electronica at its most cosmopolitan. "Muy Bien" and the title track serve as great appetisers before you indulge yourselves in this immensely enjoyable album. "Euro Kiss" is out now worldwide, highly recommended!

And here are Popular Computer's previous classics once again: