Thursday, November 12, 2015


Watch out as we approach another intriguing male/female duo from Paris. 2013 belonged to Calypso Valois and Alexandre Chatelard aka Cinema, my last year's "Best Of" list was dominated by Julien Galner and Clara Cometti vel Exotica so it's about time I discover another French dream team - Syracuse. Antoine Kogut and Isabelle Maitre offer a 6-track mini-album balancing between different shades of disco and fitting somewhere flamboyantly between Cosmetics, Glass Candy and The Miracles Club. I found myself immediately drawn to two tracks in particular, the half-whispered, half-recited cosmic disco lushness "Vapeurs d'Équateur" and the stimulating space electro ballad "Love". "Liquid Silver Dream" is out now via Antinote.

Here's Evelyn "Champagne" King's 1981 club hit "I'm In Love" which Syracuse's "Love" is loosely based on, as pointed out by Pitchfork: