Monday, November 16, 2015


Copenhagen based electro artist Lucy Love embarks on her brand new conceptual adventure under the alter-ego BABY BLOOD. "Figurine" will be her debut single out via The Big Oil Recording Company 27th November. The choirs of distorted vocals, aural tiers of icy, celestial synthesisers, echoes of eerie vocal harmonies, Fever Ray-esque production and subtle Oriental touches which compliment the Far East Asian motives of the single's artwork, all combined make "Figurine" an instant winner for all the scandophiles out there. It's a truly otherworldly piece of modern synth-pop. Here's what we read in the official press release:

"Preferring to stay disguised BABY BLOOD performs as a masked super-heroine that keeps vanity and ego at a distance, visually taking motivation from the luchadores of the high flying Mexican wrestling scene she translates their audacity in the ring into the imagery of her music. By doing this the listener is encouraged to drown themselves in the audio, not focus on a manufactured false deity. She explains, BABY BLOOD toys with identity - the masculine and feminine meet in a sonic cosmos with visual cues that traverse time, place and cultures: The core of this place is art, not the personality behind the mask."