Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "JUNGLE (Midnight Magic Remix)" - Legs /// "TROUBLE T (Deniz Kurtel Remix)" - Midnight Magic

There's more of those cosmic disco delights from the irresistible Midnight Magic on the horizon. While the Brooklyn collective is putting finishing touches to their brand new, highly anticipated LP, they came up with another stellar remix this time for their fellow New Yorkers LEGS who advertise themselves to be "blending modern indie pop with Stax-worthy hooks" and to be "a mobile cauldron of everything retro and cosmopolitan" (as read on their Soundcloud). The mix is a dancefloor-ready summer cocktail party slice of hedonistic beats, balearic vibes and oldskool flavours.

Midnight Magic's "Trouble T", the track I confidently chose as "2014 Song of the Year" in this countdown last December, was also recently remixed by Deniz Kurtel to a superb result. The fascinatingly epic twisted disco stomper was revamped into a deep house odyssey, using most of Tiffany Roth's sensational vocals from the original version. These two tunes back to back bring out the sunshine. Heavenly, lush and saucy.