Thursday, February 21, 2013


One of the most flamboyant, most innovative and least predictable musical acts in this part of the galaxy - SSION continues the promotion of their latest wonderfully twisted album "Bent" with yet another visual extravaganza. "High" is as berserk as it gets. It's electro, it's punk, it's urban. It's sleaze, it's camp, it's exorbitant. It's trashy, it's kitsch. It's all that and that's not even a one quarter of the whole story about it yet. I've always had an ultimate crush on Cody Critcheloe. And on his fashion sense! Really hope SSION will eventually release a DVD with all of these bonkers videos put together. "High" blew me away just like "My Love Grows In The Dark", "Luvvbazaar" or "Earthquake" previously did. What an album. I'm still in awe!