Monday, November 19, 2012


Frost is a Norwegian electronic duo consisting of Aggie Peterson and Per Martinsen. The group formed in 1997 in Tromsø, Norway. They released their debut album "Bedsit Theories" in 1998. It wasn't until 2001 and the release of their second LP "Melodica", announced by the cult single "Endless Love" (with one of Röyksopp's best mixes to date!), that I came across them first and instantly fell in love with their unique blend of synth-pop, electronica and trip-hop with a Scandinavian twist.
The creative couple is not only responsible for a whole bunch of modern pop classics but is also involved in numerous versatile side projects such as staging art shows for babies (Aggie), writing dystopian ‘transmedia’ novels (Per), composing scores for silent movies (both), building sub-bass driven laser installations (Per) and putting up stage performances with strange, blonde alter-egos (Aggie). 
Frost stole my heart (my ears and my feet!) on countless occasions with both their outstanding singles ("One Hundred Years", "Amygdala", "The Woods", "Pharmacy") as well as their hidden treasures in a shape of astonishing album tracks ("Free Your Heart", "Spare Some Time", "Running Out of Time", "Sink"), unexpected cover versions (phenomenal take on Prince written "Sex Shooter") and remixes.
Frost remain one of the most vibrant and ever-changing musical acts to come out of the Nordic countries. Aggie and Per's latest effort "Radiomagnetic" is a concept album (read the full fascinating story behind HERE!) balancing sonically between the icicle cold pop territories, some analog disco and electronica. "Something New" is the 4th single taken from the album, following the extraordinary run of excellent pop singles "The Magician", "Parade" and "The Woods"
The single is featured in an 8-minute video of the same name, directed by Carl Critical. The footage is part of an obscure documentary project entitled ‘Ghost Radio Hunter’ – a collaboration between Carl Critical, Russian underground filmmaker Kostya Shamshin and Frost, covering an expedition into the Arctic looking for the source of mysterious radio signals that were the inspiration for the making of the album ‘Radiomagnetic’. Check out the video below among Frost's "Most Vibrant Moments".


1. Chelonis R. Jones "I Don't Know" - One of the most underrated tunes of the last decade.

2. Simian Mobile Disco "Your Love Ain't Fair" - Soulful and skillful dance music just the way we love it.

3. Factory Floor "Two Different Ways" - Synth, yeah! Sequencer, yeah! Attitude, yeah!

4. Joe Goddard feat. Valentina "Gabriel" - Deeeeep and lovely with a beat that just keeps marching on and on.

5. Bjørn Torske "Jeg vil være søppelmann" - The biggest party tune in the (fairly short) history of Norwegian disco.

6. Liquid Liquid "Optimo" - When the NYC punks started to dance, there was no way back.

7. Feist "Sealion (Chromeo remix)" - A secret weapon that's not so secret anymore after this chart is published.

8. Moloko "Sing It Back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub)" - Herbert's beats bring out the best in this tune, which is quite a lot! Good vibes, good times!

9. Joe Smooth "Promised Land" - An original garage tune and a blueprint for good house music. Instantly fills the dancefloor with love.

10. Todd Terje "Snooze for love" - Terje showing his real genius. Emotional stuff.