Sunday, November 25, 2012


One of my music obsessions, the indescribable and uncompromising Nicolette has just re-launched her Early Records with the release of a brand new EP "Modern Stories".  The selection is as eclectic as it gets balancing between some surprising acoustic songs and dancefloor-friendly mixes of her previous material the 2011 "Fascination" and "Guru" from "Life Loves Us". These two mixes are the highlights in my humble opinion, Funkstörung's Michael Fakesch turned "Fascination" into a fully flavoured funk feast while the enigmatic Septimus chopped the lavish serpentines of Nicolette's original vocals and mixed them with some surprising house beats in his take-on "Guru". It is always a pleasure to hear new recordings from Miss Nicolette, a true original who created "an astonishing new hybrid of jazz and electro, or more aptly, a shiny space-age jazz for the 21st century" as we read on her bio. Head to Bandcamp to purchase "Modern Stories" now! Also make sure to check out her wonderfully vibrant "Perfect Party Playlist" cherry-picked exclusively for my blog HERE!