Thursday, September 27, 2012


The versatility of Tiffany Roth's voice is second to none. I'm sure you're all fully aware of my Midnight Magic obsession at this stage but I always feel like there can never be enough praising for this Brooklyn disco machine. Especially with the run of excellent tracks, most of which the band tends to generously give away for free. "Diamonds" comes as an exhilarating announcement of Midnight Magic's long-anticipated first solo album, "Walking the Midnight Streets" is shaping to be one my favourite albums of the year. Roth spoils us with a spectacular vocal performance. The second tune "Same Way I Feel" with its instantly recognisable horns, the band's trademark at this stage, is a sassy mélange of nu-disco and funk. One of a kind! And while you're at indulging in those mesmerising new songs, have a look also at a very special exclusive "Perfect Part Playlist" Miss Tiffany Roth herself cherry-picked for my carousel.

  Midnight Magic - Diamonds by Midnight Magic

  Midnight Magic - Same Way I Feel by Midnight Magic