Sunday, June 24, 2012

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Favourite Yukimi Nagano Guest Appearances

Little Dragon were on my radar for a good few years now. Growing artistically with every next release, the Swedish quartet has now a very solid spot among the most creative and unique bands of the current indie & electronic scene. Seeing them live last week at Lovebox Festival in London (one of the highlights of the whole 3 day long event) proved again their astonishing live-performance capability. I can't praise them enough! One of the most precious aspects of their originality lies in Yukimi Nagano's incomparable vocals. Her diversity, versatility and unlikeness as a vocalist was an inspiration for this episode of my "List Obsession". Here's a carefully cherry-picked top 10 of Miss Nagano's features in non Little Dragon recordings. As an admirably generous singer, she guest appeared on numerous releases of an eclectic kind. Have a look...

10 "Bright Nights" - with Koop (2001)

   Koop - Bright nights by edumusic

09 "Love Again" - with Hird (2004)

08 "Inner City Winter" - with Stateless (2003)

   Stateless feat. Yukimi Nagano - "Inner City Winter" by SHREM

07 "Scale It Back" - with Dj Shadow (2011)

06 "Whenever There Is You" - with Koop (2006)

05 "Fading Blues" - with Hird (2004)

04 "Wildfire" - with SBTRKT (2011)

03 "If You Return" - with Maximum Balloon (2010)

   Maximum Balloon - If You Return (Feat. Little Dragon) by panlert

02 "Summer Sun" - with Koop (2001)

01 "Keep You Kimi" - with Hird (2004)