Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I am honoured and privileged to have one of my all time biggest idols, the mesmerising Nicolette, contribute to my series of exclusive "Perfect Party Playlists" with her fascinatingly eclectic top 12! The lady really is where the party's at. I am on cloud 9 since this morning!

Miss Nicolette Suwoton is a UK vocalist, dj and songwriter of Nigerian parentage. Her music although falling broadly in the field of electronica is also a peculiar hotch-potch of various different styles, genres and influences. Not ever did "Billie Holiday on acid" (as she was once famously described) go for any musical compromises, remaining always unique, naturally quirky and never predictable. Her vast and ultra-vibrant catalogue of recordings never fails to amaze me. From the early 1990's rave anthems with Shut Up And Dance, through industrial yet sublime collaborations with Alec-Atari Teenage Riot-Empire, sophisticated trip-hop recordings with Massive Attack, to her generous guest appearances and multi-lingual futuristic soul of "Life Loves Us" she kept all her admirers and devotees on their toes. Her fourth solo album is almost complete and a release is expected later on this year. A dance diva, an eccentric dj, a talented composer, a mother of the modern blues. She truly is made of sunshine.


   Three by NICOLETTE

   You Are Heaven sent by NICOLETTE

Sunshine rmx by NICOLETTE

   Song For Europe by NICOLETTE



1. The Gap Band "Humpin" - This is pure delicious chocolate fudgecake feasting joy, makes me melt and jump all at the same time. I first heard it when I was 15 and it’s been one of my favourite tracks ever since - high artistry casually presented. And dancefloor funk generally has been a big influence on my music.

2. The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" - Can you tell that joy is a theme with me? This creates it, so perfectly named! Sonic inventiveness made to sound normal, my fave type of deceptive thing...I used to play this a lot at the end of my dj sets in the late 90s when I first started djing. Brings on a perfect party mood, even when you have to leave. And when you have to leave and you’re still happy and it’s not the drugs...that’s a tune.

3. Joey Belram "Mentasm" - This killed the dancefloors when it came out, the sound, the sound, the sound! Made you go crazy in the head, in the sweetest, deepest way. Aptly named. 

4.  Lennie De Ice "We Are I.E." - Oh!!!!!! A lesson in how to make SURE people dance whether they want to or not, and even if they were asleep!!! I danced half my life away to this, the other half was spent dissecting it and learning. That’s only a slight exaggeration. Pure artistry.


5. Public Enemy "Rebel Without a Pause" - What can you say about Public Enemy? When I first heard the album this is from, I did a double take, and asked the person who was playing it, “WHAT is THIS????!!!!” I don’t think I’d heard anything so beautiful in a long time, or perhaps ever. Except maybe Mozart.
6. Roni Size "Timestretch" - I played this and other Roni Size tracks to death in my early dj sets. Deep, deep, deep musicality. Everything in perfect place, nothing wasted.

7. Quincy Jones "Stuff Like That" - Another one I first heard when I was 14 or 15. Just perfection – breezy, sweet, and funky as fuck. Masterfully produced, beautifully orchestrated, and can someone say CHAKA KHAN???

8. The Cure "Lovecats" - It had to be either this or Echo and the Bunnymen’s "Bring on the dancing horses", and this one is, like, more danceable. And sexier. Both beautiful songs though. 

9. The Beatles "Back in the USRR" - This is a regular feature of my dj set, so an easy choice, otherwise how can you choose just one Beatles song? 

10. Deee-Lite "Groove is in the Heart" - Lady Miss Kier = golden voice goddess. I think this must be on everyone’s dance top ten, just has all the perfect ingredients. I remember when it first came out, i and a friend were coming back home from clubbing, we were in a cab, and my friend encouraged me to sing this song. i belted it out at the top of my lungs, much to the consternation of the cab driver probably. It’s got that kind of aura – you just want to be part of it.

11. Nicolette "Single Minded People" - I know this is my tune but I’m including it because it tears up the dancefloors even now. Me and Shut Up And Dance had synergy! 

12. Grandmaster Flash  "The Message" It had to be either this one or NWA’s glorious "Fuck the Police" (a song I played to death in my early djing days) but I had to pay homage to this one as one of the granddaddies! And also because I distressed my born again christian neighbours at uni with this by playing it super-loud, sorry girls!