Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crème de la crème: SEPTEMBER 2011

20 (N) - "Entrance Song" - Eats Everything - exhilarating 7 minutes of quality of house music I discovered courtesy of HOUSE CORPORATION I tend to check on a regular basis...

19 (N) - "Extinguish" - Jonte' Moaning - this planet's most outrageous of all music acts and his cosmic r'n'b that has more soul and more swagger than Beyoncé's entire "4"

18 (N) - "Polish Girl" - Neon Indian
- wonder child of indie vibes turns future 80's

17 (N) - "Another Night (Social Disco club mix)" - JKriv feat. Adeline Michèle - Escort's leading vocalist featuring on JKriv's anthemic single, file under "Put-Your-Hands-Up-In-The-Air" Records!

Another Night (Social Disco Club Mix) - PREVIEW by deepanddisco

16 (13) - "Within You" - Gus Gus

15 (N) - "Shotta" - Bonjay - this fantastic Canadian duo remains one of the most inventive acts out there mixing funk, dancehall and r'n'b with a generous dosage of electronica

Bonjay - Shotta by Bonjay

14 (7) - "Manic" - Azari & III
- the song of the year?

13 (RE) - "Pharaohs" - SBTRKT feat. Roses Gabor - back in my chart as the truly wondrous song now also is very visual thanks to THIS video

12 (6) - "Lola (Ging Danga)" - Maluca - this is for all my Lolas...

11 (3) - "Lost in Time" - Azari & III

10 (N) -
"En Enda Röst" - Det lilla extra - Swedish witch house filling the gap for a much sought-after eeriness on the electronica scene after the Knife's hiatus
09 (N) - "Sway" - Beni feat. Nomi Ruiz - From Jessica 6's superb debut album, through her electrifying dj sets up to Miss Ruiz's enthralling collaborations with Eli Escobar and now Beni, 2011 really does belong to Nomi!

08 (N) - "Around (Solomun Vox)" - Noir & Haze - discovered this listening to Gus Gus' President Bongo's latest set, what an instantly addictive tune!

07 (N) - "Melting Ice" - Ladytron - love at first listen, number one track on Ladytron's "Gravity The Seducer" in my humble opinion, such wonderfully complex melody

06 (N) - "I Can Get Love" - Toro y Moi - his new EP is pure gold!

05 (1) - "Luvvbazaar" - SSION
04 (N) - "Warm In The Winter"/"Beautiful Objects" - Glass Candy - very very very promising first teasers announcing their upcoming, highly anticipated new album by the one and only I/D/A/N/O and J/O/H/N/N/Y/J/E/W/E/L


03 (5) - "Calling Out" - Midnight Magic - Their new EP "What The Eyes Can't See" is 5 out of 5, the best nu disco in town + Miss Tiffany Roth's on fire! 02 (N) - "Nap On The Bow" - New Look - exuberant and incomparable, very promising new act from Canada, where else ;-)
01 (N) - "Bed of Needles" - Steed Lord - Icelandic fashionistas turning electro into art with this year's most impressive music video