Monday, September 5, 2011

Crème de la crème: AUGUST 2011

20 (N) - "Le noir et le blanc sur le piano" - Johan Agebjörn feat. Sally Shapiro - Italo disco sung in French by Swedish artists, needless to say it's a divine mixture

19 (N) - "How deep is your love" - The Rapture - the pioneers of cowbell driven disco punk are back with one of their catchiest singles yet

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love by DFA Records

18 (N) - "Help me out" - Jaffa - don't know much about this German duo but I discovered "Help me Out" thanks to my muso friend Piotrek (our guest reviewer) from and I must say it's a mesmerising piece of pop music

Help Me Out - Jaffa by Phil Martin

17 (10) - "Lucid In the Sky" - Cubic Zirconia

16 (RE) - "Marilyn" - Floating Points

15 (N) - "Amazing"/"I'm Not Madonna" - Hi Fashion - I don't give a s*** if you don't like this track cause I know it's a-mazing!

14 (N) - "Freak the night" - Jessica 6 - a month without at least one tune sung by Nomi Ruiz doesn't count this year right?

13 (11) - "Within you" - Gus Gus

12 (N) - "Father Father" - Julio Bashmore feat. Javeon McCarthy - this house gem reminds me slightly of the Neue Heimat classic "From: Disco To: Disco" by Whirlpool Productions...

11 (N) - "Just Think About" - Mario Basanov feat. Miss Bee - Lithuanian champion of house and nu-disco vibes strikes again, this one builds up from a simple beat to an ecstatically funky ending, what a treasure of a tune!

Mario Basanov ft Miss Bee - Just Think About 12" by Mario Basanov

10 (N) - "Echoes" - Washed Out - one of the brightest talents on the indie scene

Washed Out - Echoes by ListenBeforeYouBuy

09 (N) - "The Third of the Storms" - Mike Simonetti feat. Sam Sparro - 8 minutes long journey through Balearic soundscapes
lushly produced by Italians Do It Better's prime djs... Sophisticated! 08 (N) - "Forevermore" - Shaun J. Wright - after Kim Ann Foxman's luscious EP, it's time for Shaun - My House - J. Wright from the Hercules & Love Affair crew to release some solo material, Rough Mix is particularly yummy!
07 (1) - "Manic" - Azari & III
06 (N) - "Lola (Ging Danga)" - Maluca - NYC based Dominican answer to M.I.A. with a gift for brazen and ultra-catchy singles... See the kitsch galore video for this urban stomper HERE!
05 (N) - "Calling Out" - Midnight Magic - no one, bar maybe Escort and Jessica 6, does nu-disco like them! Tiffany Roth gives some of the best vocal performances this year on their freshly released fabulous EP "What The Eyes Can't See"

Midnight Magic - Calling Out by ScionAV
04 (N) - "Mirage" - Ladytron - only one week left till Ladytron's 5th studio album drops, judging by all 4 tracks revealed prior to the release, we're in for a real treat
03 (N) - "Lost in Time" - Azari & III - Canadian kings of the dancefloor are simply unstoppable this year!

02 (2) - "Over" - Gus Gus - and over and over and over again... 4 months in top 3 of my Crème de la crème rankings and counting!
01 (N) - "Luvbazaar" - SSION - Cody Critcheloe really is a genius, no other artists manage to mix so many genres to such a superb effect, their new LP "Bent" is a vibrant explosion of disco, punk, pop, electro and funk, one of the albums of the year and this month's number 1 tune in my books